Ignite Your Life


IYL_standardSo you wish to escape the humdrum and enjoy higher visibility, success and status in your field. You have noted that many are trapped in a vicious cycle of life and mindset, making no real progress. However, you wish to be different.

Fire is synonymous with heat and light, so the phrase Ignite Your Life connects your desire to move from darkness and anonymity to becoming recognizable and significant. It is this state that the PremierExperts(r) in this book have attained. They have achieved different levels of visibility and success in their chosen fields. As you read this book, you will note that they all come from diverse and unique backgrounds, confirming that success is not set aside for any particular individual or group and is not limited to any particular subject.

The PremierExperts(r) in this book cover a variety of topics, but for each author there is a commonality of mindset that promotes success. They utilize knowledge, goal-setting, perseverance, passion and action to move them to their desired goal. The information they have shared here – including guidance on ‘how to’ as well as ‘how NOT to’ – makes their stories invaluable to all who wish to learn the secrets to successful achievement.

So, go now! Go out and Ignite Your Life!

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! Dr. Seuss

Authors: Brian Tracy; Dr. Amara Anne Onujiogu; Glenn Warner; Dr. Gary Epler; Jean Morris; Lucie Curtiss; Reggie Chandra, PhD; Dr. Shahab Anari; Marnie Bennett; Nick Nanton; JW Dicks; Jill Klunk; Conrad Brian Law; Debbie Renna-Hynes; JaTaya Wiley, PhD; Tony Park; Sinchan Patil; Snezhana-Sophia Zamalieva, PhD; Tad Bristow; Saint James Limoges, PhD, CHSA RELO, ALHS, ABR; Greg Rollett; Anna Nikachina, MD, PhD; Asha Mankowska, MA Esq.; Jayant Hudar; John Hine; Joshua Dubin; Michele Naomi-von Hoven, RFC; Makarand Utpat; Allen Huand, DMD, MS; Victoria Chen, DDS, MS; Gary Duvall; Thelma Sample; Steve Wood; Christine M. Booras; Christine Romani-Ruby, PT, D.Ed., MPT, ATC, PMA, CPT; Franky Ronaldy; Jimmy Susanto, MH, ACC; Prerak Patel; Mike Stone; Miss Jo; and Wanda Gozdz, CAPS, Allied ASID.

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