Leading Ohio Businesswoman Gets Great Press – Thanks to Authoring with CelebrityPress™

How One Author Parlayed Her Best-Selling Book into a Fantastic Feature

Becoming a best-selling author doesn’t just make you look good to your friends and relatives – it opens up a lot of doors that might have otherwise stayed closed.

Kimberly Martinez, co-owner of the multimillion dollar business Bonitas International, discovered this for herself when she parlayed her chapter in the new CelebrityPress™ Amazon best-seller,  “The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy,” into her own full-page feature story in her local paper in northeast Ohio.

Martinez was profiled on March 23rd in “The Geauga County Maple Leaf,”  with an article that was headlined, “Best-Selling Book, Idea for Businesswoman.”     As she had recently relocated her business to Newbury, Ohio from Florida, the article was a big boost for her local profile.

And the book was the perfect hook to interest the paper in a story about Martinez.  To quote the article, “With the trappings of success came last Thursday’s release of a business book….The book rocketed to the top of the Amazon.com charts, published by CelebrityPress™, and features business advice from Martinez and 40 other leading business owners across the country.”

Not only did the book get her in the paper, but it also showcased her successful business as well as her achievements as an entrepreneurial author and thought-leader.  Martinez has also recently appeared in “USA Today” and on MSNBC-TV.

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