Arizona-Based Business Strategist Gets TV and Radio Interviews from CelebrityPress™ Best-Seller

Authoring Book Key Component of Entrepreneur’s New Company Launch

When you launch your own company, publicity and credibilityare essential to success – and for Tucson-based strategic business development expert Alex Rodriguez, his new best-selling author status provided the power to achieve both goals.

Rodriguez, also known as “The Other A-Rod,” may not have the same media clout as the New York Yankees superstar who shares his name, but, thanks to his participation in the best-selling CelebrityPress™ book, “Counter-Attack: Business Strategies for Explosive Growth in the New Economy,” co-authored by renowned business development expert, best-selling author and speaker Brian Tracy, he was able to land numerous radio and TV appearances.

Those appearances, where he discussed both the book and his new business, Exit Strategy Advisors, LLC, included interviews on “The Buckmaster Show,” a popular Tucson business radio program and on “Arizona Illustrated,” a local TV newsmagazine program.

More importantly, the book helped Rodriguez make the transition from working for several Fortune 500 companies to being an owner of his own consulting firm.  “I jumpedat the opportunity to launch the business model I had been planning for several years at the same time as I would be gaining a new level of renown and credibility as a best-selling author,” he says.

Rodriguez launched Exit Strategy Advisors to help bring solutions to today’s considerable business challenges – and the success of “Counter-Attack” has helped with his own personal success.

“The book recently provided the credibility for me to get hired for a consulting engagement in a fiercely competitive market,” says Rodriguez. “In new business conversations, I lead with the book and have noticed a sea change in how people respond to me personally and business wise.”

CelebrityPress™ was created by founders Nick Nanton, Esq. and J.W. Dicks,Esq, Best-Selling business authors of more than 25 books combined, to provide an alternative publishing platform to entrepreneurs and professional experts. CelebrityPress™ provides these experts with the opportunity to combine their unique messages into anthologies that cover the ”best of” any particular topic.  Since 2009, the publisher has already been responsible for 16 best-sellers featuring over 300 authors – and it has a stream of new books in production, featuring many other influential business figures.

“Becoming a best-selling author clearly opens up new opportunities and allows for you to have a greater impact,” continues Rodriguez. “The book has helped enhance my own ‘brand’ as well as position the successful launch of my company. I have been told countless times from people in my sphere of influence that they have been personally inspired to pursue their aspirations with my debut in ‘Counter-Attack.”

“Alex’s awesome experience with his best-selling book is what CelebrityPress™ is all about,” CelebrityPress™ CEO Nick Nanton, Esq. replies.“Our books give our authors not just the opportunity to share their thoughts with a wide influential audience, but also to promote their businesses and expand their bases in a unique, impactful and far-reaching way.”

Adds Rodriguez, “I would recommend joining forces with CelebrityPress™ to anyone who seeks this kind of platform and credibility.   They make it simple to become a best-selling author!”

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