Jolene Goring

One of our top fitness experts, Jolene Goring, has gone above and beyond in using her book in order to grow her Celebrity status at an exponential rate.

Jolene forwarded the press releases provided to her by DNA to local media along with a copy of her book. Taking it a step further, she got her personalized book cover image printed in a large format, and displays it behind her when she makes TV appearances. She is sure to be introduced by the host that she is a Best-Selling Author!

Jolene has also partnered with a local restaurant and will be holding a book launch party in September, inviting local media to the launch. She has been actively giving signed and personalized copies to clients as a reward for reaching their fitness goals.

Way to take it up a notch Jolene! She’s an awesome example of how using a book and the status of “Best Selling Author” in your business can take it to the next level!