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Since I have received my first set of books: The quality of the book is physically … wonderful. Since I share the limelight with a number of others I took the time to read many of the chapters and I am excited by the quality of chapter after chapter. Not only is this book beautifully produced but the content is worthy of being a best seller and worthy of my pride for being a part of producing it. This is a spectacular opportunity for anyone interested in following in my footsteps and joining with Dicks & Nanton to take part in publishing a book. Thank you and your team for taking the dreams of your authors seriously.

– Beverly Ann White – Speaker, Expert, Author

btI’ve spoken to people all over the world, who have co-written books with you and I, and every one of them is happy. Every one of them is happy with the book. They carry copies with them. They use them as business cards. They use them to increase their sales. They use them to increase their fees. They use them to get more coaching clients. It’s one of the best multipliers of income that exists. If you’re really serious about becoming a published author and getting into the world of published books, then this is the very best deal that has ever been put together. Nick is the expert in the United States, if not the world on putting together co-authored books and then getting those books onto the Best-Seller stands and getting them very high ratings on Amazon. It’s a heck of a deal.

– Brian Tracy

Hi Guys…. just a quick note to say THANK YOU so much for your superb product and awesome professionalism during the unfolding of this project.. please find attached a link to an event where I am speaking on stage with the legendary Raymond Aaron and others – PURELY as a result of the book Against The Grain…. you will see they have put an image of the book along with my bio and photo… this book has given me amazing leverage – thank you!!!

-Judy Van Niekerk

“I’ve authored 17 books and never have they come together as easily as the books I’ve done with Celebrity Press. The quality of people to work with, the scheduling and system they keep you on, and the results generated are all phenomenal. They made the whole process easy and best of all, they generated the results they said they would! I’m as proud of the books I’ve done with them as the ones with major publishing houses. Thanks, Celebrity Press team!”

-Tom Hopkins

Just wanted you to know that I just got done doing a Internet radio interview on “Money for Lunch” with Bert Martinez.  They found me on the Celebrity Press website for the book Protect and Defend.  All these different ways of getting your name out really do work.  Without your help with the book, I would never have been able to do the radio interview.  Now I can put it on my website and tout my appearance. guys are good!

Jeffrey T. Jones, A.A.L.

John “Johnny B” Bretthauer had been a realtor in the very competitive Silicon Valley area for eight years – but he felt he needed a real game-changer to boost his professional profile above the rest of the pack.

That’s why he turned to the Dicks+Nanton Celebrity Branding® Agency for some help. The Agency got him a publishing deal to co-author The Ultimate Home Buyers Guide, promoted the book to Best-Seller status, and booked him on their TV show, America’s Premiere Experts, airing on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox affiliates across the country.

The results were quick to come.

“They took a picture of me on the set with Emmy Award winning director, Nick Nanton, I shared that and it caused quite a stir,” says Bretthauer. “After the show aired, I didn’t have to trot out my credentials to prove my credibility – people’s immediate assumption was that they were talking to the right person.”

The book’s release only accelerated the process. “It’s really been fun to watch. When I talk about being an author, as well as being on all the TV stations, there’s a difference in body language. Then, when I actually hand them the book with my picture on the cover – their heads literally snap back. The impact is incredible.”

Bretthauer makes frequent appearances on radio programs and he’s begun to give away PDF copies of the book during his most recent ones. “The last time I did that, I got seventy-two leads from just one appearance.” He’s also found that conversions with those leads has increased on every level; “The success rate has been amazing.”

Bretthauer’s wife Vicki, who is also a realtor and works with him, was initially against the investment in working with the Celebrity Branding Agency®; she thought it would be hard to calculate the ROI. She’s completely changed her mind after all the positive results – and new deals – that have come out of the experience.

But perhaps the best pay-off from Bretthauer’s Celebrity Expert® exposure is yet to come. “I sent a video of the things I was doing to an international investor who wants to do a joint venture involving commercial and residential development projects. She took me to lunch and said she wants me to be the spokesperson for the projects; she’ll put up the money and we’ll be equal partners.”

“I was curious. Why me? She had worked with literally over a hundred agents. So I asked her.”

“Her answer? ‘You are the most credible.”

Oh, and by the way, at the lunch…she also asked Bretthauer to autograph a copy of his book!

I’m in awe of what an incredible job you and your team do in helping so many people realize their dream of having a best-selling book. It’s a big deal to simply have a book published in the first place, but no other publisher I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve had four books published so far) has ever made it their business to actually get it on the best seller list!

Your team is just wonderful, congratulations to you for having such a great group of talented and really-on-top-of-everything folks. They made it so easy! And somehow, each one had the uncanny ability to make you feel like you were their only client, and that nothing mattered more than getting your copy edited perfectly, your cover looking even better than you ever imagined it would, your e-book and a jpeg of the cover ready to be put up for sale on your website in your hands right away, hardcopies of your books printed and shipped to you, and when the book hit Number 1, a certificate arrived ready to be framed, or even better, you can have one framed for you!

Each and every one of them was a pleasure to work with, and I’m just so thrilled to have had such a great experience and such a wonderful opportunity to get my message out there and in the hands of prospective clients in the form of the best authority-affirming method there is – a beautifully and professionally published book.

Sydney Barrows

One of our top fitness experts, Jolene Goring, has gone above and beyond in using her book in order to grow her Celebrity status at an exponential rate.

Jolene forwarded the press releases provided to her by DNA to local media along with a copy of her book. Taking it a step further, she got her personalized book cover image printed in a large format, and displays it behind her when she makes TV appearances. She is sure to be introduced by the host that she is a Best-Selling Author!

Jolene has also partnered with a local restaurant and will be holding a book launch party in September, inviting local media to the launch. She has been actively giving signed and personalized copies to clients as a reward for reaching their fitness goals.

Way to take it up a notch Jolene! She’s an awesome example of how using a book and the status of “Best Selling Author” in your business can take it to the next level!

“I can’t believe it: I am holding a hard copy of MY FIRST BOOK; a BEST SELLER! It is mind-blowing; I have to pinch myself to make sure that this is not a dream. Nick, you and your team have over delivered! Awesome, thank you! You did it; you put me on the Best Seller list. Can’t wait to see how this will impact my business.”

Maria Struik

“I love working with Nick and his team. They can absolutely help you get to the next level.  Nick does everything he promises and then some!“

– Jack Canfield, Best-Selling Author of more than 500 million books.  Co-Creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series

In all my business dealings with Nick Nanton, I have found him to be a man of high integrity. When issues come up for clarification, he steps up to the plate and delivers customer service rarely seen in today’s business world. I wrote the chapter on Customer Service in the book, WIN. Nick has met and exceeded those principles. – Jim Stacey


Hey my friend, I just want to let you know that we were on the news this past weekend for Child Abduction Prevention and will be on the Dr. Veronica Show this coming Tuesday. The Best Selling Author Title carries a great deal of weight with the network. They didn’t want to talk with me until I explained my credentials, then they were crawling all over themselves to get me to come in.

Thanks Nick!

It’s not just what we receive – all you promised and more – it’s that you actually get it done and get it done fast. Usually, companies have an offer and the client (at least in my past experience) has to do all the work…even when they don’t understand what the work is. So, the client has to almost learn your industry to understand what they need to do. And when they fall short and miss deadlines, it’s like, “…oh well, clients fault…thanks for the money.” You help walk through it and you follow up. I missed an email once – I don’t know how – but then I got a call. Your staff is very nice and supportive, and even when I was a pain in the ### and wanted my picture changed and a comma placed, not once did I get a scoff or a scolding. It made me want to help and protect your staff and at least give them huge thanks for how they helped me. It was really “aggrevation-less”. Is that a word? I learned so much through them, it was really fun. I was nervous but they weren’t and now I’m not either. I previously thought… if I hire a company to do thing,s they create a lot more work for me. But it wasn’t that way with you guys. I could just go on forever. The Gala was spectacular and fun too. Your company is the best company I have ever worked with! I have had several company relationships in the past 25 years that were good, but your company inspired me!
Rebecca Gail Barcy

Emmy award winning public relations expert Nick Nanton has done an outstanding job propelling me into the spotlight. Using his proven strategies and track record for success he has in a short time not only made me a best selling author through an excellent book deal he has also made me the Bankruptcy Expert Blogger at FastCompany. I highly recommend Nick and his agency to anyone who needs a great public relations strategy!

– Alex Wathen, Esq., Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney and Business Consultant

Nick, Thank YOU! You delivered on your promise and I’m honored to be doing business with you. Thank your entire team because they really greased the wheel to keep all the authors on task. And thank you for the opportunity to be a part o this entire process. My family, friends, and clients are all noticing my accomplishments and expertise like never before, and it’s all due to the work you guys have done on our behalf to help make us best-selling authors. Again, thank you!

Clint Barr, Raising The Barr Fitness – Ridgeland, MS

There’s no doubt about it, Nick Nanton is a fast talker. But he’s a fast talker who actually delivers a great product. I worked on a book he and his team at CelebrityPress(TM) published titled “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing,” and as Nick promised, the book did become a best seller on Amazon on the day we launched! Throughout the process, Nick’s staff immediately responded and was always friendly and helpful and Nick was always accessible when I needed him. Nick did everything he said he would do. You can not ask any more than that. If you are at all interested in becoming a best-selling author, you’d be doing the right thing to work with Nick and his team.

Anthony Castelli, Attorney at Law
Cincinnati, OH

Many people in business today are quick to make promises but fall far short when it comes to delivering. Nick Nanton is a guy that makes big promises and gets the job done! He is a master at what he does and will help move you to the next level in your profession. He is a guy that you need to get on your team! I am thrilled at what he did for me and he will certainly be my go to guy in the future! Thanks Nick for being the pro that you are and for moving me to the next level!

All the best,
Richard P. Hastings, Esq.

You all did an amazing job with everything surrounding the publishing and promotion of “Ignite Your Business. Transform Your World.” From the exciting launch event in New York City to the advice on and management of the promotional campaign to the awesome results – we’re on the best seller list! – I could not have hoped for a more professional and fun experience. Onward and upward!

Linda A.B. Miller

I would like to thank Nick and his entire organization for helping me become a “best selling author”. They made it easy and fun to write my book and were most helpful in the writing, editing, and publishing! I had a blast doing it!

– Brian Snyder
Manager, Greater Pittsburgh Properties, LLC.


I can’t fricken believe it! You actually pulled off even MORE than you promised me and the other authors of the book, The New Masters of Real Estate! When I heard your presentation on how you guaranteed that we would be on the Amazon Best-Seller list, I honestly didn’t really think it was possible…BUT I trusted the guy introduced us, so I got involved in your program on a leap of faith. Now that I AM a published best-selling author at the age of 24, I love handing out my new book to potential business partners, private investors, and other key business connections…you should see the looks on their faces!

This truly has provided an ENORMOUS amount of credibility that I otherwise couldn’t have gotten. It’s awesome! THANK YOU so much!

I really do hope that you pass out my phone number to anyone who is “thinking” about getting involved with your agency. Not only did you guys OVER-deliver, but you and your entire staff were very helpful, responsive, and professional throughout this entire process.

Thanks again, Nick!

Jim Zaspel

Thank you Nick for the opportunity and FANTASTIC follow through of your team! It was an awesome experience to have participated in.

Camille Scielzi – Best-Selling Author, The Wellness Code

I have to say the staff at Celebrity Press are the most professional, extremely prompt & organized people I have dealt with. They have been spot on with everything about the publication & release of their next book ‘Relationship Age (which I am so proud to be an author of) can’t get over how EFFICIENT the staff members are – thanks for being so wonderful 🙂

Katrina Kavvalos

I have worked with Nick for several years now and simply put, he has always over delivered on what he promised. I was in the first compilation book he produced called “Big Ideas for Your Business” and it has been a fantastic success in my business. I’m delighted with it. ”

Nigel Worrall – CEO, Florida Leisure

“Synergy. That’s what you get with J.W. Dicks, Nick Nanton and the entire team at Celebrity Press. And synergy is what you need if you want your book effectively positioned, printed and promoted. Because it’s a lot more than printing.

We went from simply an idea to a clearly targeted finished product faster and with less hassle than we thought possible. From strategy and theme, to design and editing, Celebrity Press brought together all the right people.

The result was much more than simply a published book; but rather, having a properly targeted and promoted tool, along with Best-Selling Author status, to dramatically increase our credibility with our potential clients. And for a lot less than the cost of traditional advertising.

The final product, our book, printed and delivered on time and on target… blew us away! You’ll like working with these guys, and better yet, you’ll love the results!”

Daniel J. Liebrecht – Clean Guru LLC

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