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Clay Dugas
The Ultimate Checklist For Selecting The Right Attorney" and "12 Things Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You To Know" - Total Value: $99
Selecting the right attorney and knowing your rights against the insurance companies can be two of the most important factors in getting the justice you deserve. These two exclusive guides will assist you in making the right decision and help you through your difficult situation.

Michael Foguth
Complimentary Report of the five BIG threats to a secure retirement.

Blair Aaronson
Free Ebook
Safe Money Millionaire

Michael Foguth
Complimentary Report “Five Big Threats to a Secure Retirement”

Julio Zelayza
Access to ten tips of bilingual video training on how to lead a life of purpose. Happiness is just a decision away. 

Dave Lee
 “Six Secret Weapons” for InfusionSoft

Andy Ho
Two Free Special Reports:

Nicole Markson
Free Special Report on negotiating your next car purchase!

Dwan Bent-Twyford
Before and After photos of our successful rehabs!

Anastasia Pryanikova

Take a short online assessment developed by Bookphoria to discover your Media Impact Quotient and learn how to convert books and expert content into multimedia online courses to add income streams to your business. You will also get a free [PDF] copy of “FANology Playbook: 27 Brain-Friendly Activities to Turn Virtual Friends and Foes into Fans.” FANology Playbook reveals how to be dazzling, not dull in social media. When your fans always have a choice to click away, what makes them stay? Meet The Storyteller, The Treasure-Hunter, The Enchanter, The Connector, and The Peacemaker as they reveal the alchemy of their work and offer ingredients you can add to your social media presence to make it more brain-friendly in light of recent neuroscience and new media psychology research.

Michael Canet, "The Savvy Investor" - Total Value: $280.00 
Access to Michael Canet's Best Selling Book, "Surviving the Perfect Storm," his guide books "7 Reasons Why Successful Investors Choose Fiduciaries" and "7 Common Mistakes Many Retirees Make With Their Finances" and a Free Income Tax Preparation for 2013 OR 2014

Gary S. Levesque
1) a FREE copy of "The 7 Rules for Business Prosperity in the New Economy" - /SuccessBonus - Rules (value: $14.95)
2) 50% OFF (regular price $20.14 USD) of "The Soldier's Guide to: Business Basics" eBook (100% proceeds donated to Soldier Charities) - /SuccessBonus - SGT50 (value: $10.12)
3) FREE 20 Minute Business Consultation to review any part of your business - advance questionnaire required - /SuccessBonus - 20min (value: $250.00)
All the bonuses (total value: $275.07 USD)  

Marc Alfred
>>> Entrepreneur Skills Assessment with links to the top ten tools for entrepreneurs.
>>> Free Subscription to 'School of Thoughts’,the digital magazine for entrepreneurs. 
Special Report from Brian Tracy

Want more free time, more money and more enjoyment in your life? You can have it – using legendary author and Best-Selling Author Brian Tracy’s proven formula, and he’s going to give it to you just for buying my book!

Kelly Borth - "Eight critical steps to develop your Social Media Plan" - Total Value: $89

Social media is about dialogue.not monologue. Social media provides an opportunity to create personal relationships with all your customers. Social media is an important piece of your overall marketing strategy. Discover 8 critical steps you need to be aware of in the development of your social media plan.

William R. Benner Jr. - "The Essentials version of Video Messaging Unlimited" - Total Value: $99

Pangolin's Video Messaging Unlimited (VMU) is a digital signage application, which allows you to add a virtually unlimited number of video feeds, pictures, slide-show-type animations, titles, scrolling text and more! The completed video screen can then be output from your computer to a video projector or TV.

Nick Nanton, The Celebrity Lawyer - "Cracking The Celebrity Code" - Total Value: $197.00

Access to Nick Nanton's famous "Cracking the Celebrity Code" presentation, complete with audio and transcripts

Lindsay Dicks - "The 15 Things Your Website MUST Have To Make Money In The World of Social Media"

You'll get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a video recording of a presentation by Nick Nanton and Lindsay Dicks talking about the 15 Things That Your Website Must Have to Make You Money...

Bill Kustka, CPA - "How To Get Colleges To Offer Your Student FREE Money!" - Total Value: $100

Bonus 1: Send us last years Tax Return for a FREE Evaluation for any personal or business return.

Bonus 2: How to Get Colleges To Offer Your Student FREE Money!! (download)

Andre Voskuil - "15 Must Ask Questions to Qualify an Investment" - Total Value: $197

Everyone qualifies an opportunity before making an actual investment. Sometimes decisions are made within a split second, others require a 6 month Due Diligence process. Often times people regret investment decisions and in hindsight realize they should have asked more and better questions (see my Chapter 22 in "The Only Business Book You'll Ever Need" at This checklist is geared towards private equity and alternative investments, but useful in almost any investment qualification.

Christine Rae, President and CEO of CSP - "16 Tips for Business Success and Bonus Chapter from the Best Selling Book Trendsetters"