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Sheila Cash

Bonus 1: Schedule your Free 30 minutes full discovery and  customized personal evolutionary mentoring session."  The value is:  $150   

Bonus 2: 

Participate as my guest in 8 sessions of Cellular Consciousness Intensive, consisting of four Cellular Guided Journey and four   Transformational Empowerment Processes. 

The value is $100

LaNae Maughan -  

"Hard Gets Easier Action Plan" - Total Value $55.00

Yolanda Payne

Description : Diamond Audio “ I Believe In Diamonds’.
Motivational, Informational Audio.

Value: Total Value: $18:00

Fikret  Sukru

An easy step by step guide that will help you understand how to achieve happiness through simple daily exercises.

Ginger Bell

Create an Edumarketing Plan with our Quick Start Guides
Ginger shares her Mastering the Art of Edumarketing secrets in Success Breakthroughs, a book she co-authored with Jack Canfield and other business professionals. Create your Edumarketing plan by downloading Ginger's book giveaways!
We've included:
Audio File with Edumarketing Hacks
Edumarketing Hacks Guide
Edumarketing Quick Start Guide
Edumarketing Delivery Channel Guide
This $297 value is yours FREE!

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Victor Dedaj

Free Ebook: 7 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Riches

Toni Camacho

Free Ebook: How to stay healthy during Cold and Flu Season

Laureen Gabrielle

Free Ebook:Stress Less Live More: 7 Strategies to Banish Stress for Good! 

Breese Stevens

Free Special Report:  “No One Told Me These Things: Why creating change seems so damn hard.” This is a report that talks about the unsexy but true things about creating change in life; things that are usually not mentioned but are crucial to know in order not to be stopped in your pursuit of change. The report also provides you support if you consider making a big change in your life.

Sherrie Lewis-Massie

Empowerment Coach presents - "Breaking Strongholds- 5 Steps to Taking Back your Power" - Total Value- $297.00

If you are ready to experience a breakthrough in your life and begin to live life on your terms, then click the link to access this free webinar.

Sumit Ganguli

Inflection Points; America the Beautiful 

This features the presentation, photographs and insights that I have covered in the chapter, Inflection points; America the Beautiful. It would almost be a visualization and a commentary of the written chapter in the book, Success Breakthrough. 

In the chapter, Inflection Points, America the Beautiful, I have also discussed about the company GAVS Technologies and the work that we are doing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics and the other disruptive technologies that we are developing. Microsoft has formally pushed a video featuring the work that we are doing in the area of AIOPs ( Artificial Intelligence IT Operations) and this is developed using Microsoft's Azure Cloud Technologies. For a first generation immigrant to be able to run an AIOPs based company and having Microsoft pushing it, is definitely a Success Breakthrough. The following YouTube video has been created by Microsoft and the readers can hear me discuss some of the things that we have developed. 

Special Report from Brian Tracy

Want more free time, more money and more enjoyment in your life? You can have it – using legendary author and Best-Selling Author Brian Tracy’s proven formula, and he’s going to give it to you just for buying my book!

Nick Nanton, The Celebrity Lawyer - "Cracking The Celebrity Code" - Total Value: $197.00

Access to Nick Nanton's famous "Cracking the Celebrity Code" presentation, complete with audio and transcripts

Lindsay Dicks - "The 15 Things Your Website MUST Have To Make Money In The World of Social Media"

You'll get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a video recording of a presentation by Nick Nanton and Lindsay Dicks talking about the 15 Things That Your Website Must Have to Make You Money...

Bill Kustka, CPA - "How To Get Colleges To Offer Your Student FREE Money!" - Total Value: $100

Bonus 1: Send us last years Tax Return for a FREE Evaluation for any personal or business return.

Bonus 2: How to Get Colleges To Offer Your Student FREE Money!! (download)

Andre Voskuil - "15 Must Ask Questions to Qualify an Investment" - Total Value: $197

Everyone qualifies an opportunity before making an actual investment. Sometimes decisions are made within a split second, others require a 6 month Due Diligence process. Often times people regret investment decisions and in hindsight realize they should have asked more and better questions (see my Chapter 22 in "The Only Business Book You'll Ever Need" at This checklist is geared towards private equity and alternative investments, but useful in almost any investment qualification.

Christine Rae, President and CEO of CSP - "16 Tips for Business Success and Bonus Chapter from the Best Selling Book Trendsetters"