When we think of transformation, we automatically
think of metamorphosis or change. One of the
first metamorphoses we discover as a child is
the universally quoted change of the caterpillar
into the butterfly. The positive symbolism of this
transformation is liberally applied to illustrate the
change from “ugly duckling” to “elegant swan” in
all fields.

This symbolism readily transfers to just about
any change for the better. The guidance of
individuals who have experienced positive
change with mentoring, have taken calculated
risks, and enjoyed accomplishments in their field
may be seen as role models. We also note that
the transformations of the PremierExperts® in
this book are not limited by “dollars and cents”
measurement, but include body, mind and soul

The transforming experiences discussed by the
PremierExperts® in this book cover many subjects,
including positive mindset changes, changes
wrought by perseverance, passion, due diligence,
restructuring, technology, systems, techniques,
etc. In fact, they cover positive changes that cut
across numerous disciplines and fields.

So read on and TRANSFORM yourself for success!!!

If you do not change direction, you may end up
where you are heading.
~ Lao Tzu

Authors: Brian Tracy; Pat Stangl; Lou Ray Robinson; Janette Gleason; Denise Longshaw; David Zema; Darold D. Opp, DDS; David Altenbern; Barbara Hines; Al Barbour; Brian Black; Brian Bergh, DDS, MS; Carl J. Blackburn, O.D; Danette Gossett; Dr. Andreas Boettcher; Elizabeth Weihmiller; Christine Spray; James Bennett; Bineta Ngom; Gary Curry; Lim Cher Hong, ChFC; Kirk Manzo; Kit Mattson; Greg Rollett; David J. Wages, M.D; Dr. Tayo; Thomas Friebe; Nick Nanton; JW Dicks; Dr. Carlo Biasucci; Lindsay Dicks; Dr. Dean Banks; Marty Coates; Macodou N’Daw, CFA; Stan Jackson; Stephen Devlin; Dr. Philip Yoo; Sandy Lawson; Andrew Cline; Wes Jackson; Tony Sidio; Linda Worrell; Julio Zelaya, PhD; Kenneth Albrecht, M.D; Kevin Anderson; Josh Felber; Dr. Jose Aguilar; Joseph Infante; Mike Conlon; John Hutchinson; Larry Szeliga; John Dewey; Evan Klassen; Erica West; Hilary J. Sandoval III; Herb G. Bennett; Donald Henig; Erik Robertson; Eric Sachetta; Debra Waisner; Shane Willis; Abel Maxwell; Brian Beck; Adam Weber; Laura Clancy; Manj Weerasekera; Steve Renner; Paul Mantello; Travis Lanaghan; and Trish McCarty.

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