The Winning Way


By definition, winning means that you competed and you came out ahead. Human nature requires us to compete in order to survive. Therefore, winning and survival have the element of success in common. To ascend to a winning position, you need a goal, a desire to achieve it, and the qualities of discipline, perseverance and action to attain it. Having your goal and setting yourself up to achieve your goal is the first step in the process. You adjust your mindset and begin to plan diligently. Goals may be as different as DNA, but methodologies have much in common. Furthermore, your plans and expectations will need adjustments as you go along. That is why the knowledge shared by the CelebrityExperts® in this book will be of importance to you. The advice and suggestions of these CelebrityExperts® are based on their experiences – both their accomplishments and their shipwrecks. The knowledge they share will allow you to make plans that can propel you in the right direction. That is the function of a mentor – to guide you where you are going and to advise what to avoid. If you wish to develop The Winning Way to your goals, read on… You will never win if you never begin. ~ Helen Rowland

Authors: Brian Tracy; April Holmes; Janis Butler; Jonathon Leise; Malcolm Ross; Mark Gaffney; Daron Destiny; Daniel Shub; Nick Nanton; JW Dicks; Jimmy Ocean; Nina Irani; Soul Ongoiba; Steve Hansen; Wayne D. Pernell, PhD; Greg Rollett; Bob Roark; Catherine Rocheleau; Dr. Diyari Abdah; Lindsay Dicks; Bill Walton; Brenda F. Wise; Cheryl Catchings, PhD; Rick Poston; John Haggerty; John Muldoon; Jonathan Graves; Joseph J. Culin; Kate Beeders; Oksana Mazourik; Patricia Tello, PhD; Shawn Chhabra; Kellee Spillman; Kimleigh Smith; Kip L. Carpenter; Linda Drake; Louis Brindisi; Dr. Luc Lemire; Lupe-Rebeka Samaniego, PhD; Matt Choi CMT; Paul Emery; Eric J. Christeson, PhD; Robert Keil; Robert Putnam; Soren Majgaard; Stephen A. Stack; Tamara Word-Magalotti; Tony Horner; and Dr. Michael W. Payne.

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