The New Masters of Real Estate

About The Book:
The New Masters of Real Estate is a collective MasterMind effort of America’s leading real estate experts teaching their best strategies on how to profit from real estate in the new economy. From how to find the right properties and tie them up with no money down, all the way to marketing and selling properties to cash in on current opportunities, this book will teach you the secrets you need to know (including pitfalls to avoid). The book taps the minds of twenty-four leading experts who have figured out how to profit from real estate in the new economy. Your newfound knowledge gained from this book will allow you to intelligently shift your money to your most effective investing options, discard wasted strategies that don’t produce, and show you how to increase your profits on the real estate in which you invest.

About The Author(s):
Ron LeGrand, Caitie Yue, Donna and John MacNeil, Eddie Miller, Robert and Elizabeth Lisk, Dr. Grant Kilpatrick, Jay Conner, Jim Zaspel, Stephanie and Jon Iannotti, Lisa Donner, Matt and Richard McLean, Nathan Witt, Philip Blackett, Brian T. Evans, Jr., Brian Snyder, Christine Brown, CPA, Rick Donner, CPA, Ricky Strain, Tom Burtness and Troy Singer.

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