SuccessOnomics Part II


51uxemctrrl-_sx341_bo1204203200_The intriguing part of success is that it means such different things to different people. However, just as success encompasses achievement, SuccessOnomics™ implies the achieving of goals through fiscal competence. The concept of Success combined with Economics is a formidable financial combination. The Celebrity Experts® in this book are successful in different areas, but they all exhibit the components of success: perseverance, passion, planning, risktaking with a willingness to fail, decision-making and, maybe the most important component of all, they take action. The authors in this book share their success methodology and mindset. This allows the reader to understand not merely how they think, but, more importantly, how these CelebrityExperts® can guide and coach them to a mastery of SuccessOnomics™ in their own lives. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~ Thomas A. Edison

Authors: Josh Felber, Blair Aaronson; David Reyes II; Brad Martineau; C. Grant Conness; Andrew Costa; Rosie Rodriguez; Mikkel Pitzner; Paul Edgewater; Phil Calandra; Praveen Narra; Jamie Nowakowski; Herschel Bentley; Nick Bentley; Jim Heafner; Nick Nanton; JW Dicks; Brian Smith; Clay Dugas; David Lee; Andy Ho; Brandon Cox; Aaron Pitman; Gary Scheer; David Hoyt; Greg Parady; Macodou N’Daw; Greg Rollett; Lindsay Dicks; Julio Zelaya; Josh Felber; Michael Foguth; Richard Ehrlich; Bob Hall; Rick Poston; Sheila Mac; James Ryan; Travis Watkins; Ismael Wrixen; Tamara Word-Magalotti; Noel Tipon; Ryan Coiner; Gary Marriage Jr.; Stephen A. Schwartz; Tom A. Puentes; and J. Erik Kimbrough.

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