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Secrets to Winning Big

About The Book:
The first man gets the oyster, the second the shell. ~ Andrew Carnegie Everyone loves to win, each in their own way for their own reasons. Winning means the position at the forefront of any endeavor. Winning Big is a term which expands this concept to define the impact of a ‘significant’ Win. Winning Big suggests a game-changing experience, a purposeful accomplishment that affects the way we are treated, as well as the outcome. How does anyone ‘Win Big’? It usually starts with a determination of our goals. This may be referred to as our mindset, which indicates a measure of purpose. We move through stages of mindset to get to a position from which we can focus our actions to achieve our goals. The Celebrity Experts® in this volume have all done this. They propose to teach you mindset, methods and appropriate actions that can help propel you into the Winning Big circle. The hallmark of these authors is that they have ‘been through the fire’ themselves. They have endured the ‘tempering’ of their lives to get to this point of achievement. So you are not hearing from players that merely wish, speculate or plan, but from those who have acted, achieved, and Won Big! We all wish to be taught by the master, not by the apprentice. In this volume, these masters give you the opportunity to benefit from their knowledge. Follow them and they will mentor you from a position of strength. These Celebrity Experts® coach and teach… The Secret To Winning Big. The act of taking the first step is what separates the winners from the losers. ~ Brian Tracy

About The Author(s):
The contributing authors are Brian Tracy, Andy Eilers, Donna Darlington, Jeff Bonham, Edward Bierna, Peter J. D Arruda, Ralph Thompson, Rodney Diekema, Kevin Neff, Nate Miller, Greg Rollett, Deborah Hightower, Dr. Matt VanderMolen, Erin Skye Kelly, Siou-Foon Lee, Mark Tosoni, Garrett Pierson, Marita Skårelid, Mimi Williams, Donn S. Kabiraj, Joshua Awesome, Nick Nanton, Esq., JW Dicks, Esq. and Lindsay Dicks, Ken Marchtaler, Hatem El Ghamry, Peter A. Howley, Russ Jalbert, Jeff Gunther, Carmen Stine, Dr. Rick Kattouf II, Eveline Pierre, Allison Higgins, Sunil Tulsiani, Rob Russell, Margaret Good, John E. Lang, Charles Anderson, Derek Loose, Bernadette McGree, Rajiv Mathews George, Daanish Memon, Kiersten Gelfand, Lisa Christiansen, Gus Kaloti, Peter Sorrells, John Escano, Laura Smith

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