Ready, Set, Go!


RSG_COVERS_V14.inddThe name of this book was carefully chosen. The phrase “Ready, Set, Go!” highlights the idea that goals are achieved by moving in a predetermined direction. The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, is credited with the statement that ‘a journey of one thousand miles must start with the first step’. This age-old philosophy validates that a goal cannot be accomplished without first taking action.

Action is a prerequisite for achieving goals when they are planned. We can recall the discussion in Alice in Wonderland between Alice and the Cheshire cat, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” This simple logic underlines the idea that you need a planned destination or purpose in order to move toward your goal. These two simple ideas – (1) deciding on your goal in advance, and (2) planning your actions – are fundamental principles for meaningful and efficient progress towards your goal.

The CelebrityExperts(R) in this book have all made progress and accomplished goals. They have succeeded in different fields using various methods, but they share their talents, achievements and failures in this book, so that you can learn from their successes and avoid their failures. Your specifics may differ from theirs, but principles of success remain the same. So, start today!

Ready, Set, Go!


Authors: Brian Tracy; Andrew Phillips; Rafael Badziag; Tracy and Sonya Saywell; Tatyana Zbirovskaya; Cara Heilmann; Cheryl Wheeler, CMC; Ellen McNeill, CGSC, CMC, CSFC, CPC, CMSC; Joe Moriarty; JW Dicks, Esq.; Laurie A. Richards; Moana Caroline Aluli Meyer; Nick Nanton, Esq.; Torsten Mau; Sraddha Prativadi, MD; Leeza Byers; Desiree Aragon Nielson; Glen Jakob Mandalinic; Wynett Isley; Violet Detre; Grace Martins; Don Lawrence; Sherryl Mellott McGuire; Patrick Rahn; Philippa Steel; Jackie Smith; Gary Kieper; Janet McKee; and Doug Hanson.

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