Rapid Body Makeover


What does the term “Rapid Body Makeover” mean to you? A body makeover is self-explanatory, but adding the word “rapid” introduces the important variable of time. While our daily routines and lifestyles have dictated our physical condition to this point, we may now wish to make a change. When we wish to make a change, we usually want it completed in a hurry. So how do we accomplish that? Fairy tales and New Year’s resolutions aside, shaping up, “toning” or slimming down are goals we can quantify and pursue. The guidance you can get from the PremierExperts® in this book will take you through various body makeovers under a variety of conditions. However, regardless of your present condition, these authors can invariably show you how to accomplish your desired objective. They are experts by virtue of having “been there and done that.” Regardless of the shape you’re in, this book will answer some important questions, focusing on three categories that influence a Rapid Body Makeover: mindset, nutrition and exercise. The coaching you will receive will help you to make long-lasting changes that will affect your life, your health and your appearance. Going back as far as the days of ancient Rome, the poet Virgil stated: The greatest wealth is health. This recognition of the value of health over the years confirms that we are not the first to desire a Rapid Body Makeover.

Authors: John Spencer Ellis; Dax Moy; Andrew “Bo” Tinaza; Corey Sousa; Will Clewis; Joe Brammer; Tattiana Gandolfo; Nick Osborne; Funk Roberts; Eamonn Deane; David Osgathorp; Luka Hocevar; Steve Krebs; Tricia Burns; Kessea Moses; Erika Binger; Doug Schlenk; and Gina Viegas, MSc.

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