Nothing But Net

About The Book:
Step Up to a Whole New Level of Success! Sometimes we all feel stuck personally and professionally. We struggle to find solutions, but they seem almost impossible to come by. Well, just open up the pages of this book and you’ll find them. That’s because we’ve brought together the world’s leading speakers, trainers and entrepreneurs to reveal their life-changing secrets-secrets that empower you to profit when times are tough and triumph over challenges that seem insurmountable. These are the experts who have built their careers on enabling their clients to become healthier, wealthier and wiser. Now it’s your turn to benefit from their years of experience as well as their breakthrough ideas that have transformed lives. Rise up from the negative. Embrace the best tomorrow you can imagine. Enjoy “Nothing But Net” for years to come-by creating the awesome change you’ve been waiting for.

About The Author(s):
Patti Thor, Christine Rae, Asara Lovejoy, Kathryn S. Gilbert, Andrea Adams Miller, Stephen Whittier, Elizabeth Williams, Jani Ashmore, John R. Salkowski, Hersh Sandhoo, Samuel Scott, Tim D. Keck, Donna A. Rippley, Anastasia Chopelas, Ph.D., Kimberly Hodous, Gerald R. Meunier, Timothy G. Benson, Paula Joyce, James Malinchak, Nick Nanton, Esq., JW Dicks, Esq., Lindsay Dicks, Greg Rollett, Paul Prestwich, Peter Hudson, Dayan Douse, Alice Baland, Annielette Manuel, Chris Goff, Sonja Landis, Nita Scoggan and Robert Parkerson

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