About The Book:

As the sub-title reveals, More.Better. was written to empower the reader to attain superior results – in order to achieve more in their current life and business. The Celebrity Experts® in this book have worked to achieve More.Better. results in their fields. They discuss both the pitfalls they experienced as well as the methods they used, to achieve their success. As we have all discovered, knowing the correct direction to travel and the wrong turns to avoid will save incalculable amounts of time on a journey – in this case a life-journey to excel in your chosen field. Our Celebrity Experts® are drawn from diverse areas – they include expertise from financial, marketing, athletics, teaching, leadership and mindset-coaching backgrounds. The knowledge and advice they share in this book is invaluable. The road to More.Better. is laden with competitors. You can give yourself a leg up by learning from the experiences of others who have actually completed the race. It could be your road to More.Better.

About The Author(s):Dustin Dart, Corinne Rita, Steve Sexton, Tammi Booten, Kevin Heupel , A Harrison Wilder III, Charles J Brock II, Chris Brown, Paul “Christopher” Music, Frank Paul Nash, Bradley Olson, James Stubbs, Shane Merem, Helena Edith Reilly, Victoria Grove, Aviva Boxer, Marlene Harper, Nicola Grace, Justin Potts, Natalia Peart, Jim Pickford and Mike Koenigs

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