Easy Prey


EP_COVERS_FINAL3.inddThe term Easy Prey aptly describes those businesses exposed to the illegal, immoral and illicit industry known as Cybercrime. Unsuspecting and often unwary businesses and their personnel are often taken in as “easy prey” by cyber-gangsters.

Cybercrime, which replaced cybervandalism, is growing quickly and more sophisticated daily. To counter the threats of cybercrime, the Celebrity Experts(r) in this book lead the way to secure their clients’ systems and data from vicious cyber-attacks. With added government regulations for compliance and privacy, these experts are called upon to train and protect their clients from the online bandits that frequent the Internet, as well as to meet regulatory compliance standards.

The need to secure business cybersystems and to train personnel in cyber-security has become critical. Businesses of every size can no longer assume their computer operations are safe. Professionals – like the Celebrity Experts(r) in this book – are called in to ensure they don’t become Easy Prey for the cybercriminals, thereby protecting them from the unimaginable social and financial consequences they can bring.

Authors: Darren Coleman; Michael Bubernack; John Rutkowski; Larry Burbano; Allen Cason; Bob Jenner; David Jordan; Femi Dada; Jeff Kuhn; Greg Hanna; Matt Katzer; Hal Lonas; Kevin Fream; Milton Bartley; Nick Espinosa; Peter Horewitch; Aldan Berrie; Simon Fontaine; Michael Skomba; Scott E. Palmquist; Frank M. DeBenedetto; Greg Blanc; Craig Ray; Alan Adcock; Dan Edwards and Ilan Sredni.


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