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About The Book:

    In This Book You Will Learn:

  • Why being ‘Green’ won’t save your cleaning business… and, more importantly, what actually CAN!… Insider Secret #2.
  • The super-easy way to get THE name of THE person in charge of hiring the janitorial service at the places you want to clean… Tip #11.
  • Which buildings to target for MAXIMUM profits – Property Managed or Owner Occupied? … Tip # 3.
  • What customers REALLY want? hint; it’s not perfect cleaning…Tip #15
  • How ‘something’ called an -MGP- can almost singlehandedly save your business!…Tip 16
  • What nearly magical words get prospects to ASK FOR YOU?… hint, it’s NOT “We’re bonded, licensed and insured!”… Tip #17
  • The ONE word secret to getting GREAT testimonials anytime!…Tip #23
  • Why being “helpful” and sounding “professional” may actually be hurting your sales, …and, what you should be doing starting now, that DOES work…Tips # 28, 29
  • An incredible step-by-step strategy to STOP hearing “Your price is too high!” everagain!… Tip 41
  • How simply changing your company name can drastically change your business FORTUNES!!.. Tip # 34
  • The simple, but powerful SECRET doctors and lawyers know to getting people to willingly pay more for their services…Tip # 44
  • How to “LOCK- in” the sale during the walkthrough….that’s right, way before you even deliver a proposal! …Tip # 38
  • WHY price per sq. ft. methods can be “bidding suicide”- plus, a quick and easy method that works a WHOLE lot better…Tip # 57
  • What makes customers NEVER want to leave you…oh, by the way, it’s NOT quietly doing a good job!…Insider Secret #6

About The Author(s):
DAN LIEBRECHT is Co-Founder of Clean Guru LLC and the CleanBid Online Program. After graduating from the University of Toledo, Dan worked in HR and Operations Management in Colorado. Returning to Ohio, he, along with his business partner Tony Dietsch, built a successful janitorial cleaning company. He has authored numerous articles about the cleaning business, including an in-depth look at janitorial bidding software published in a leading industry periodical. Dan, and his wife Jennifer, live in Sylvania, Ohio. They have three children.

TONY DIETSCH is Co-Founder of Clean Guru LLC and the CleanBid Online Program. After graduating from the University of Toledo, Tony became an automotive engineer with a Fortune 500 Company where he was awarded a U.S. patent for his work. Subsequently, he, along with his business partner Dan Liebrecht, built a successful janitorial cleaning business in Ohio. Tony now uses his technical background to create powerful online tools for independent cleaning businesses. Tony, and his wife Christy live in Temperance, Michigan. They have four children.

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