Dare To Succeed


About the Book:
Get the motivation and the information you need to rise up to the next level of success! No matter what line of work you’re in, the marketplace constantly challenges you. No matter how savvy an entrepreneur or skilled a professional you are, you risk losing ground every day you don’t push forward. That’s why you need every advantage possible to achieve the prosperity you’re after. Now, America’s #1 Success Coach, Jack “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Canfield, has gathered together the top business minds from around the world in one powerful book. This guide to prosperity contains their secret strategies to conquer the competition and bring ongoing abundance into your life. Dare to achieve your greatest ambitions. Dare to break through to new levels of professional and personal accomplishment. Dare to discover the happiness and fulfillment you’ve always wanted to attain. Dare to Succeed-and dare to live your dream.

Authors: Jack Canfield; Colleen Hawthorne, MD; Tim Bilecki, Esq.; Dr. Leonid Yelizarov; Alonzo M. Kelly; Nick Nanton,Esq.;  JW Dicks, Esq.; Dennis M. Postema; Jennifer Calandra; Nathan Jurewicz; Michael Waddington, Esq.; Liana Leordeanu; Lindsay Dicks; Brandon Oshodin; Diego Fernando Saldarriaga; Dr. Gather Williams II, “Dr. G”; Jose Gomez, M.D.; Karen L. Royal; Bernard Walter, Esq.; James Datey; Murray Middlemost; Randy Lawrence; Thomas DiAgostino; Toni Fitzgerald; Naveen Khurana; Patrick Mueller; Matthew Lee; Dr. Mariliza LaCap; Dr. Warren W. Tong; Ken Nunn, Esq.; Greig Wells; Gerald Lucas; Christopher Scalese; Dr. Charles Livingston, DC; Barry Rosenblum; DeAnn Scheppele; Greg Rollett; Luis Vicente Garcia; Lynn Leach

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