Cracking The Real Estate Code Volume II


Whether you’re buying or selling… …you want to make the best possible deal- and realize the best possible return from your real estate transaction. Well, The Nation’s Leading Expert Advisors™ are here to help you do just that- by giving you the inside strategies only they know so that you can achieve your property profit goals! In Cracking the Real Estate Code, you’ll discover the secret systems that the top real estate agents and consultants employ in order to realize the biggest gains from selling a home- and to gain the strongest leverage in buying one. These proven secrets, used by the pros in the know, are gathered together here for the first time in one easy-to-access guide. Whichever side of a deal you find yourself on, Cracking the Real Estate Code gives you the advantage in negotiating the best price. With property prices on the rebound from coast to coast, this is the time to act- and these are the powerful methods you need to know to make the most of every real estate opportunity!

Authors: Jay Kinder; Michael Reese; Sally Scrimgeour; Jim Keaty; Harley Dufek; Chris Pierard; Andy Mulholland; Bill Morgner; Cyndie Gawain; Michael Swift; Brian Pitcher; Andrew Gaydosh; Al Stasek; Tom Daves; Lucas Howard; Beverly Herdman; Glenn Stein; Michael Veri; Jason Irwin; Jason Jakus; Jeremy Back; John Sellers; Carlos German; Leo Albanes; Marc Cormier; Tania Ivey; Tracie Tom; Michael LaFido; Linda Feinstein; Paula Drake; Renee Butler; Tim Majka, Esq.; Jeremy Ganse; Denise Swick; George Paul Vlahakis; Justin Kiliszek; Ryan Smith; and Alex Saenger.

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