About The Book:
With the economic upheaval we have all experienced in the new economy, it’s hard not to feel that the way we do business is under attack. Traditions and the status quo have all been replaced with “New Normals,” making it more and more difficult to find a clear-cut path to success. In this refreshingly authentic book, thirty-five business leaders from around the world with very diverse backgrounds have teamed up to share what’s working now-so you can stop wondering and start profiting.

About The Author(s):
Leading Entrepreneurs from Around the World who contributed are Brian Tracy, Dr. Barbara Todd, Basem Al Attar, Alex Nottingham, J.D., M.B.A., Dustin & Mariya Oldfather, Bill Banner, Michael Clayton, Jon Bjarnason, Edmond Mauzer, Ernest Basoco, Dr. Inga Zemite, Holt Vaughn, John Jochem, Guntars Stikovs, Steve Rosebaugh, Khoa Bui, Matt Linklater, Ong Whatt Kim, Nick Nanton, Esq., J.W. Dicks, Esq., Lindsay Dicks, Michael V. Michalski, Brion Johnson, Morris Nutt, David Leopold, Rob Liano, Sally Rainbow-Ockwell, Michael Joyce, Tammy Holyfield, Matthew E. Alleyne, Ron Morris, Paul Edgewater, Alex Rodriguez and Tuomo Viitajylha.

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