Consumer’s Advocate


About The Book:

Advocates have been around as long as recorded history. The fact that advocates have remained a fixture in civilized society is a testimony to the role they have played and continue to play. The lawyer’s premier role has been that of advocate. When citizens or the exploited in this country need the protection of the law, the first group to whom they turn to uphold their beliefs and innocence, or to look for redress, is the legal profession. The lawyer’s skill, and knowledge of the law in arguing a case are paramount. The Celebrity Experts® showcased in this book have proven their skills in many areas of legal defense, and willingly advise and share their legal knowledge with you. The Celebrity Experts® herein are ready, willing and able to defend those in need, your rights and mine – they are truly Consumer’s Advocates.

About The Author(s): Jonas K. Siegel, Scott Miller, James Onder, Louis Brindisi, John Bisnar, Brian Chase, Randy Hood, Jason Waechter, Michael Slocumb, Nick Nanton, Jack Dicks, Brian Mencher, Ben Glass, Elizabeth Ann Kinghorne, Raymond Wagner, Gary Martin Hays, Derek Hays and Rajesh Kanuru

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