Scott E. Palmquist helps businesses leverage technology to help their productivity and bottom line. Back in the days of DOS he was an At-Home Dad. “It was great to be able to make the choice to stay home with our son.” His musician days (as a drummer) were over and he sold his new and used compact disc store to stay home with his son. To keep his mind, and entrepreneurial spirit, alive, he traded his drum set in for a computer. He spent the next few years helping friends and family with every tech issue and need. Eventually, his wife’s employment situation changed and they decided it was her turn to stay home with their son.

Enter Microsoft Certification. Scott E. went to a great Microsoft Certification training center with amazing instructors. After a year of hard work and great hands-on experience, he had a business. Through referrals, his business grew quickly. He still supports his very first client. In fact, his company has never had a client fire them. Most of Computer Support Team clients have a 10-plus-year history with them.

Based on the years of experience with businesses, Scott E. realized the technology must help their client’s productivity and bottom line. He helps CEO’s leverage the technology available to them to increase their profit.

He states: Computer Support Team’s business model puts the risk on us, not on our

Scott E. adds: Our mission statement explains it best. Our Mission is to gain mutual trust and respect by providing superior technology consulting and solutions that:

• BUSINESS OWNERS value as helping their bottom line
• EXECUTIVES benefit from productive employees
• END USERS want to refer
• CST TEAM MEMBERS are proud of
• VENDORS want to recommend

Scott E. is currently working with the world’s most famous hacker to help businesses with the most destructive threat to a business, cyber security. Through education and phishing tests he is helping businesses build their human firewall. This lead to the opportunity to co-author a book on cyber-security called Easy Prey.

Scott E. and Computer Support Team are your Technology Consultants. They serve your business interests and make sure you are leveraging the best solution to be as productive and profitable as possible, all with a guarantee.