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My first technology venture was the founding of Saga Systems in 1981. Based in London, I started off as an engineer in Missile Guidance, so you could refer to me as a bona fide Rocket Scientist. While there I designed a keyboard to work on home computers and went on to earn my first millions at a young age (Saga Systems). I drove a Porsche, bought a house, got married and had a son. All good? Not so much. Just a couple of years later computers updated, I could not sell any more keyboards, I had lost my house, smashed up my car and was divorced. I was also penniless and my former wife was not allowing access to my new-born son. My life had been reset. I had lost everything in life that I had ever cherished. I struggled to make ends meet with less than £1000 to my name. No job, no business, everything lost and with maintenance (alimony) to pay, I was in trouble. I had no alternative but to take shelter at my parents’ house and there I had to suffer my mother hounding me out of bed every day to go to work, to go to find work, to do something. Of course, I thank her now, but at the time, it was unbearable. From here the only way was up! I WAS getting things done. I got a job at KFC and I sold sandwiches at the industrial park. I tried to get a real job in the afternoons. I was soon selling computer networks in those same industrial parks. There was more money in that! Nevertheless, it was a tough life. Something HAD to change. I was still basically broke, but I had something; I received an invitation to attend an event in Los Angeles. It was a MAD thing to do but I cashed everything and paid for the flight. Ienjoyed the Californian sunshine and the company, I heard inspiring stories, and I set about changing my life. On the plane home I determined, back in 1996, to set up and register Weboptimiser.com. ************** David served as the Chairman of the Search Task Force for the Internet Advertising Bureau for over two years. During that time, his best-practice standards were adopted by all good providers in the Search Engine Marketing industry. He is still chair and speaks at industry events around the world. In 2010 he was a guest, as the Online Marketing Expert, on “The Brian Tracy Show”, which was aired in the US. The program featured on NBC and was syndicated out to many other channels. He has also appeared on Sky News and LBC radio. The appearance on the “The Brian Tracy Show” was partly the result of co-authoring “The Relationship Age” in which “The world’s leading experts teach you PROVEN strategies for creating profitable relationships in the world of Social Media” along with Mari Smith, who is known as the pied piper of Social Media, and others. “The Relationship Age” quickly became an Amazon Best Seller, and, due to the book’s success, David was awarded a Best-Sellers Quill Award by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors in New York in December 2010. More recently, David co-authored “The New Masters of Online Marketing: Leading experts from around the world reveal proven secrets to grow your business through OnlineMarketing Strategies”. That too became an Amazon best seller. He has been behind the scenes, kept busy developing campaigns for major retailers and hotel groups across the World, working most notably with Ford, Marriot and most recently Virgin Money. He works with major brands to ‘one man bands’. As David says, “It’s not the size that’s important; it’s the challenge.” Today he continues to work on client accounts. He has become increasingly involved in the world of Social Media, particularly with the development of iMA profiling systems and video. His experience has grown from search to all aspects of traffic generation to lead-capture techniques, membership sites, video and mobile optimisation to real world business development for client companies. He is a fully-fledged and paid up member of Dan Kennedys ‘herd’ and is currently part of the Titanium Mastermind Group. You can learn more about David’s business at Weboptimiser.com by clicking on “site audit” on the site’s top menu where you will find a free offer for him to analyse your web site and get back to you with optimisation ideas; ways that you can make your business work better on and off line.

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