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David Kassir

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David Kassir had a non-traditional start to his career. He often says he naturally gravitated to his labor of love. As a young man he occupied his mind with his favorite pastime of reading, finding Forbes and other financial magazines the ones he couldn’t seem to put down. One night he stumbled across an ad titled “Stock Market Course” priced at $100. Back then it seemed like a thousand dollars to David, but he made the investment that would lead him into a whole career revolving around investments. By 1994, with the advent of the Internet and E*TRADE, David had saved enough money to buy a desktop and open his own online trading account to continue his self-education. He poured over various investments with charts lining every square inch of his living room and with the recommendation of his father, in 1995, sought a non-paid internship at the renowned firm, Wheat First Butcher & Singer. After a year of interning while still working nights elsewhere, his mentor Lewis Georges saw David’s ambition and took a liking to him. He convinced him to come onboard fulltime. David passed all of the necessary examinations and it wasn’t long before he’d realized he’d found his purpose and path to success. In 1997, Wheat First Butcher & Singer merged with First Union Securities, formerly Wachovia (now Wells Fargo Securities), where he was promoted to Vice President. David was motivated to provide clients with the best possible service, independent research and personalized money management. In 2002, he founded his own investment firm, Georgetown Private Cliente, working in cooperation with Bank of New York and Next Financial Group, Inc. Over the years, David achieved some of his expansion through the buyout of other firms, and in 2009, Georgetown Private Cliente entered into an agreement to buyout a renowned broker/dealer, Manna Financial Services Corporation, a distinguished investment firm since 1962 with clients throughout the United States. He branded all of his acquisitions as one, and today runs the firm as Manna Capital Management in the Washington, DC metro area. David’s simple beginnings and unwavering enthusiasm for the topic and practice of wealth building has lead him to his dream career, as well as into other ventures such as an investment property management company and a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization – aimed at easing the lives of homeless individuals in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

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