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DAN LIEBRECHT is Co-Founder of Clean Guru LLC and the CleanBid Online Program. After graduating from the University of Toledo, Dan worked in HR and Operations Management in Colorado. Returning to Ohio, he, along with his business partner Tony Dietsch, built a successful janitorial cleaning company. He has authored numerous articles about the cleaning business, including an in-depth look at janitorial bidding software published in a leading industry periodical. Dan, and his wife Jennifer, live in Sylvania, Ohio. They have three children.

Clean Guru™ offers their members powerful tools and systems to take care of everything needed to quickly add sales and increase profits - from finding and attracting profitable accounts, to bidding, landing and keeping those accounts. Clean Guru’s Marketing, Sales And Profit Tools will be the products and services that ‘level the playing field’!

Clean Guru™ takes away the “big guys” advantage, and gives YOU the edge to compete and WIN. The first of these powerful tools is the CleanBid Program. It’s the quick and easy way to bid any janitorial cleaning job online, giving you an instant monthly price and ready-to-deliver proposal.

For those go-getters eager to jumpstart their cleaning business as fast as possible, the upcoming “Discover the Guru in You!” series of educational and coaching programs will be …the ticket! From educational tele-seminars and group coaching, to smaller mastermind groups and one-on-one personal bid consultation, there will be something to help you… Discover the Guru In You!

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Help! All the New Jobs We Just Landed Want Us To Start Cleaning On the SAME Day!

15 May 2012, 2:42 pm

We've all been there, haven't we? You've been marketing, and measuring, and bidding, and selling, and hoping and then suddenly - the phone rings! Your dreams are coming true! They're calling to tell you the good news - they've chosen YOU to clean their building or home. Happy days, right? Yes, well, sort of. You guessed it, the bad news is you've just discovered ALL of the new accounts want you to start cleaning on the same day. And which day is that? You guessed it, either...

4 Practical Ways to BEAT Negativity in YOUR Cleaning Business

8 May 2012, 3:26 pm

There's so much around us - attacking us every day. What am I talking about? Well, negativity, of course. It's everywhere- and if we're not careful it can creep into our janitorial businesses or residential maid service. But, here's the good news - there are 'things' you can do now to stop it in its track and keep it from affecting you and your cleaning business. Watch this fast paced video 4 Practical Ways to BEAT Negativity in YOUR Cleaning Business! you'll hear four practical and easy to implement ways you can inject some positivity into your cleaning business REPLACING so much of the negativity around us!

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9,500 Cleaning Business Professionals Receiving Clean Guru’s Weekly Videos

29 April 2013, 4:16 pm

Clean Guru LLC is pleased to announce 9,500 janitorial businesses or cleaning industry professionals are now signed up to receive weekly emails and videos at no charge in the ‘Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to Profitable’ series. Temperance, MI – April 29, 2013 – Clean Guru™ LLC, is pleased to announce reaching a new [...]

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How Janitorial Software Can ‘Level the Playing Field’ for Your Cleaning Business

19 February 2013, 10:06 pm

Today’s commercial and residential cleaning businesses are lucky. Really, here’s why. The playing field in the cleaning industry has been effectively leveled by innovative, intuitive software designed to give small or even start- up cleaning companies the online and mobile tools needed to quickly and successfully compete with much larger building services contractors – even [...]