Dr. John Spencer Ellis Became a Best-Selling Author, While He Was on a Cruise!

A best-selling book can be hard at work for you – even when you’re cruising through the Bahamas on the vacation of a lifetime!

Case in point: Dr. John Spencer Ellis, fitness expert and founder of FitnessFortunes.com. John had signed on to put together the CelebrityPress® book, “The Wellness Code” with us – and he looked forward to using the publication to boost his professional profile, along with the profiles of his co-authors, and aggressively market his business, as so many of our other authors do.

Then, he discovered a big scheduling conflict – the week that “The Wellness Code” was due to be published, he was booked to be on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, The Oasis of the Seas, working on his tan in the Bahamas. He couldn’t cancel the cruise – nor could the book publication date be rescheduled.

A little freaked out, he called our team, wondering what to do and worried about losing a valuable marketing opportunity. Our reply? Hey, just relax and enjoy the view – we got this one covered. The CelebrityPress® marketing system would spring into action, just as it was designed to do, and make sure “The Wellness Code” had a more-than-healthy debut. By the time launch date rolled around, as long as he followed the system we laid out for him, he wouldn’t have anything left to do anyway.

Happily, John discovered, while sailing around St. Thomas Island, that the book had hit #1 on the Amazon best-seller list – and that he was still able to more than maximize his new status as a celebrity author. When he returned, he sent out a newsletter to his leads and clients talking about how his book had soared to the top of the sales charts while he was enjoying sun and fun on the ocean – and also offered the digital version of “The Wellness Code” as a bonus to his Fitness Fortunes clients.

“Being a part of a CelebrityPress® book is about a lot more than just becoming a published author,” says John. “It’s about having a whole marketing machine behind you that all but guarantees success – even while you’re sprawled out on a lounge on the top deck, taking in some rays!” – Dr. John Spencer Ellis